Server determinated!

The Gameserver will run to end of next month.

The Website is payed for 1 yeahr and will be offline end of april 2018.

Until we reach a good Playercount, ive started a Medal Event.

You can find Event Wolfes in Gludio (lvl20), Dion (lvl30), Giran (lvl40), Oren (lvl50), Aden (lvl60) and Goddard (lvl70).

This Wolfes will drop Event - Medal and Event - Glittering Medals.

You can trade this Medals at the Medal Trader not far away.


Crystal: D-Grade x1 for Event - Medal x7

Crystal: C-Grade x1 for Event - Medal x25

Crystal: B-Grade x1 for Event - Medal x130

Soulshot D-Grade x500 for Event - Medal x40

Soulshot C-Grade x500 for Event - Medal x75

Soulshot B-Grade x500 for Event - Medal x270

Dualsword Craft Stamp x1 for Event - Medal x1500

Blessed Spiritshot: D-Grade x100 for Event - Medal x44

Blessed Spiritshot: C-Grade x100 for Event - Medal x94

Blessed Spiritshot: B-Grade x100 for Event - Medal x324

Greater Swift Attack Potion x1 for Event - Medal x100

Greater Magic Haste Potion x1 for Event - Medal x100

Greater Healing Potion x10 for Event - Medal x150

Event - Glittering Medal x1 for Event - Medal x5

Event - Medal x5 for Event - Glittering Medal x1


The Calculation was for Event - Medal x1 = ~100adena

and for Event - Glittering Medal x1 = ~500adena

In the last days, ive done a lot of Bugfixes..

what ive done can u read HERE

Here is a New Patch with less Crits.


Hello Everybody,

in some Minutes i will launch the new Server. That does not mean Wipe! All Data is Saved!

You can Download the latest patch in "How To Connect".


Good Luck & Have Fun